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Magento 2 POS System

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Going Omnichannel is an undeniable trend in recent years. Almost all retail companies wish to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience across different touchpoints.

If you want to transfer all the data to Magento to enjoy the power of this Omnichannel platform, you need to deal with Magento 2 data migration as our following customer. (You can find more knowledge about this robust platform in this article).

Let’s hear from his story and get prepared for yourself.

1. Situation overview

Early 2020, Boyd – CEO of an outdoor sporting brand in the USA came to us and shared that he had a plan to scale the business which required a more complete and centralized management system.

However, the current software that he was using from Winward has not been connected to the Magento e-commerce platform yet, which costed his company at least thousands of dollars per month to cover manual tasks to update back and forth between systems.

Furthermore, sometimes the manual work made some mistakes, the staff had to re-done the job, which frustrated both the staff and the job. 

Thus he was urged to find a more suitable solution. After going through different analyses and demonstrations, Boyd decided to move to Magestore Magento POS.

Once the decision had been made, the very first task that needed to be done was to initiate migration process of all data from Winward to Magento.


The simplified business structure

2. Process of Magento 2 data migration from Winward

2.1. Define which data needs to be migrated:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Stock in physical locations
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase orders
  • Loyalty points
  • Customer level
  • Membership Program
Magento 2 data migration data

This is the data volume

2.2. Migrate data:

  • Learn the data structure in Winward and map them to Magento data 
  • Export the CSV file
  • Build the tool to convert data
  • Import the CSV file to Magento 
  • Correct data on Magento

3. Challenges and solutions

In fact, the process did not go well as we expected and we encountered some difficulties, especially the one with the data size. It was much bigger than we thought. By that time, the development team has gathered to figure out the best solution for it.

3.1. Challenges: 

  • Using the csv import function in Magento for the product data takes much time.
  • The customer is unable to identify which field is unique in product data, which leads to duplicated entities. 
  • The size of the csv export file is too huge, which can’t even be opened in the online tools (like Google sheet) or available desktop apps (like MS Excel 2003).

3.2. Solutions:

  • Build the tool to convert the data (JS is recommended as it’s easy to use and develop further.
  • Find a tool that can handle the large volume of the data. In case of a small volume of data, it can be directly imported via CSDL.

4. Using the new system on Magento

It took us 6 weeks to complete the migration process and set up the Magestore solution to Magento for Boyd’s company.

With the new system, Boyd started to implement the Omnichannel strategies following the company’s direction in the next few years.

When another successful solution is appropriately delivered to customers, that brings pleasure to both our customers and our company.

Let us shoulder the burden with Magento 2 data migration with you (if any).

Our business consultants are always available for help or click the button below

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