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Streamline in-store checkout with a specialized POS interface. Efficiently handle orders across multiple POS locations. Easily locate products using barcodes. Enhance sales with an advanced loyalty program and more.

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In today’s fast-paced business world, having a reliable point of sale (POS) system is crucial for any business owner. When it comes to managing finances, QuickBooks is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses alike. Integrating your POS with QuickBooks accounting reduces duplicate data entry, helps you smoothly sync sales data between the two platforms, and ensures sales info are accurately recorded in your books.

But how do you choose the perfect POS system for QuickBooks?  

With so many POS systems available on the market, it can be a daunting task to find the best match for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 POS systems that integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks in 2023.

Whether you’re looking for advanced inventory management, user-friendly interfaces, or affordable pricing, our top picks have got you covered. 

Sounds good? Let’s take a closer look at these fantastic POS systems and see which one could be your best fit!

Quick comparison table

POS system
Business types
Pricing plans
Free trial
Target businesses
Best use case
POS for Shopify:
  • Lite: $15/month
  • Standard: $50/month/location
POS for Magento: 
  • custom pricing
POS for Shopify:
30-day free trial
POS for Magento: 
No free trial – But providing personalized demo
Magento and Shopify-based businesses of all sizes
POS for Shopify:
Shopify merchants seeking to synchronize orders, customers, and loyalty programs both online and offline
POS for Magento: 
Magento merchants need a comprehensive and customizable POS system to sync data in real time, manage them in one place, and have robust inventory management 
Starting at $39/month
14-day free trial
Online businesses
eCommerce Shopify businesses that need an all-in-one platform for online sales.
Retail, restaurant
Starting at $99/month with 3-year commitment
No free trial
Small to large-sized businesses
Businesses seek high-end features and a long-term commitment to the POS system.
Mobile, retail, restaurant
Starting at $14.95/month
30-day free trial
Small to medium-sized businesses
Businesses need a versatile and mobile-friendly POS system.
Retail, restaurant
Free to start, processing fees apply on sold items
No free trial
Small to medium-sized businesses
Businesses on a tight budget or those needing a user-friendly and mobile-friendly POS system.
Starting at $69/month
No free trial
Restaurants and cafes
Restaurants need a robust POS system with features tailored to their industry.
Starting at $139/month
14-day free trial
Small to medium-sized businesses
Businesses need an intuitive and customizable POS system for retail operations.

Note: The pricing plans and free trials can vary based on the features and addons you choose. Some plans may have additional fees, such as transaction fees or hardware costs, that aren’t included in the main plan price. Be sure to check with each POS provider for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Below’s a comprehensive overview of the 7 POS systems for Quickbooks that every serious entrepreneur should know!

Top 7 POS systems for QuickBooks integration — The complete overview 2023

Magestore: The #1 Magento POS system compatible with QuickBooks

✔ Pricing:

Magestore POS for Shopify:

  • Lite: $15/month
  • Standard: $50/month/location

Magestore POS for Magento pricing varies based on your business size, number of stores, complexity, and support needs.

✔ Payment processing fees of Magestore: No apply

✔ Contract requirement: No long-term contract required

Why we highly recommend Magestore POS for QuickBooks accounting:

  • Full control: User-friendly interface tailored to personal needs
  • Features: Inventory management, sales tracking, customer and employee data management
  • Suitable for various businesses: Retail shops, cafes, restaurants
  • Easy-to-use interface: Works smoothly across all devices
  • Compatible with QuickBooks: for easy finance managing
  • Wide range of payment options for customer convenience
  • Native integration with Magento for real-time data synchronization
  • Centralized access to information streamlines business processes
  • 30-day free trial for Magento POS for Shopify and personalized demo for Magestore POS for Magento
features of Magento POS

✔ Highlight features:

  • Sync order, customer, and product data across retail system immediately
  • Easily compatible with QuickBooks
  • Create sales orders in less than 1 minute
  • Centralize and run your entire business from Magento backend
  • Offer robust stock, purchasing, and order management functions
  • Provide various loyalty programs to attract customers: reward points, store credits, gift cards
  • Can handle returns and refunds, which can be converted into store credits
  • Give real-time reports on inventory, sales, and customers
  • Work well even with poor internet connection
  • Comply with PCI requirements and securely stores sensitive data
  • Self-checkout POS for independent scanning and payment
  • Easy to integrate with multiple marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), other accounting software (Xero, Sage), ERP software (SAP, NetSuite), etc. to sync data and streamline your daily operations
Specifically designed for Magento and Shopify businesses of all sizes
Complex system with many features
Magestore POS for Shopify: affordable monthly subscription fee
Magestore POS for Magento: high upfront costs, but long-term benefits
Sync data in real time
Difficult to install on your own, but Magestore can set it up for you
Easy to integrate with QuickBooks
Provide robust inventory, purchase, and order management
Magestore POS for Magento is highly customizable and scalable to different business needs and sizes
Able to work in offline mode for smooth transactions
Easy to use with user-friendly interface
Other rich built-in features include inventory reporting, order fulfillment, loyalty programs
Support multiple payment processors
Free 365-days warranty for Magestore POS for Magento
Add New

We’re having a lot of problems with data connectivity when using two different systems. For us, it’s important to have a unified customer view between our website and brick-and-mortar. That was a problem that we never really had a good solution to. But now, Magestore POS is the best solution to that.

MatthieuStore Owner of Upper Limits, switched from QB POS to Magestore years ago

Shopify: The best Shopify POS system for QuickBooks

shopify POS

✔ Pricing: Starting at $39/month

Payment processing fees of Shopify:

  • For Basic Shopify plan:
    • In-person transactions: 2.7%
    • Online transactions: 2.9% + 30 cents
  • For Standard Shopify plan:
    • In-person transactions: 2.5%
    • Online transactions: 2.6% + 10 cents
  • For Advanced Shopify plan:
    • In-person transactions: 2.4%
    • Online transactions: 2.4% + 30 cents

✔ Contract requirement: Month-to-month or annual contract

Why we recommend Shopify POS for QuickBooks:

If you’re a small business operating on the Shopify platform that primarily sells online but occasionally dabbles in-person sales, Shopify might be a cost-effective solution.

The Basic plan at $39 per month offers unlimited products, 24/7 support, gift cards, and an online store. But if you need advanced reporting features, you must upgrade to the $89 monthly for the Shopify POS Pro.

Thankfully, integrating the Shopify POS system with QuickBooks Online is a breeze, with plenty of app options to choose from.

✔ Highlight features:

  • Manage inventory across online and in-store with synchronization
  • Offer store pickup, QR code payments, and more for a seamless customer experience
  • Assign roles and permissions to staff members for data protection
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards along with gift cards and other payment methods
  • Improve performance and adds features with 8,000+ integrated apps
Easy to set up and navigate
Limited offline functionality
Offer an intuitive interface that helps reduce employee training time and cost
Expensive for larger businesses
Manage inventory efficiently across multiple sales channels
Reporting is not included in all plans
Easily customize your system by integrating with various third-party apps and services
Difficult to apply a store-wide discount to a group of products
Provide robust inventory, purchase, and order management
Lack of low-stock alert features
24/7 heroic support with all plans

>> Don’t let the cost of a POS system hold you back. Check out our 2023 POS price guide today!

Revel: The ideal POS for large, hybrid, and multi-location businesses

✔ Pricing: Starting at $99/month

✔ Payment processing fees of Revel: Not published

✔ Contract requirement: 3-year contract for the cheapest price

Why we highly recommend Revel POS with QuickBooks integration:

If you want a POS system that’s easy to use and can handle your key business aspects, look no further than Revel POS System!

This popular iPad-based system offers a robust cloud solution that’s perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Moreover, with Revel Assistant, which will guide you through the Management Console, setting up the platform and onboarding new employees is a breeze.
You’ll also love the kitchen management tool that helps streamline operations and minimize errors.

✔ Highlight features:

  • Streamline digital ordering with menu access, gift card redemption, and POS integration
  • Increase revenue and efficiency with a cloud-based, easy-to-use kiosk system
  • Simplify payment processing with on-screen prompts and consumer-driven tools
  • Optimize delivery routes and staff movements in real time from the POS
  • Simplify ordering and promotions with a digital screen and real-time updates
  • Manage labor, schedules, and wages on a centralized platform
Rich features for retail, restaurant, and service-based businesses
Expensive for small businesses
QuickBooks integration for easy, comprehensive management
Complex interface
Highly customizable and niche features
Non-transparent payment processing fee
Multiple 3rd-party integrations
Only compatible with iPad
Require up to 3-year commitment for the lowest price
High termination fees – double remaining contract or $15,000 (depend on which one is higher)

Clover POS: Top choice for mobile transactions

✔ Pricing: Starting at $14.95/month (only for software)

✔ Payment processing fees of Clover:

  • For full-service dining and quick service dining:
    • In-person transactions: 2.3%+ 10 cents
    • Online transactions: 3.5% + 10 cents
  • For retail shop:
    • In-person transactions: 2.3% + 10 cents (2.6%+ 10 cents with Starter plan)
    • Online transactions: 3.5% + 10 cents
  • For professional services:
    • In-person transactions: 2.6%+ 10 cents (2.3%+ 10 cents with Standard plan and 0% with Starter plan)
    • Online transactions: 3.5% + 10 cents
  • For personal services:
    • In-person transactions: 2.6%+ 10 cents (2.3%+ 10 cents with Standard and Starter plan)
    • Online transactions: 3.5% + 10 cents
  • For home and field services:
    • In-person transactions: 2.6%+ 10 cents (0% with Starter plan)
    • Online transactions: 3.5% + 10 cents

✔ Contract requirement: Month-to-month or annual contract

clover POS

Why we recommend Clover POS system for QuickBooks integration:

Are you looking for a versatile POS system that works with QuickBooks and is perfect for your restaurant or retail store? Look no further than Clover!

With both server and web-based versions, Clover offers a wide range of POS hardware options, including a paper receipt printer. Plus, it accepts all kinds of payments, from contactless options to credit card swiping, pin and chip payments, Apple Pay, and more.

When it comes to hardware options, Clover has got you covered. There’s something for every need, from POS stations with customer-facing displays to mini stations with built-in card readers. And the Flex handheld POS system is especially versatile, letting you take payments and orders in line, at customers’ tables, or even in a different location.

Besides, QuickBooks Online users can easily connect Clover POS system with their accounting books through Clover by Commerce Sync app. You’ll need to pay the app $24.95/month for that convenience.

Overall, with Clover’s subscription prices starting at just $14.95 per month per location, it’s a great option for small and medium businesses alike.

✔ Highlight features:

  • Easy to design your restaurant’s floor plan
  • Split checks, keeps tabs open, and handles tipping
  • Seamlessly integrate Clover with your online store
  • Generate real-time sales tracking and tax reports
  • Manage employee shifts with ease
  • Run customer loyalty programs effectively
Compatible with iOS and Android
High upfront costs
Free loyalty programs
Only Clover-purchased tablets can be used with the system
User-friendly and easy to use
Non-transparent payment processing fee
Interest-free installment plans available for hardware
Average customer support
Large selection of hardware
30-days money-back guarantee

Square: Best free shop-ware plan

✔ Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans to start at $29/month

✔ Payment processing fees of Square:

  • In-person transactions: 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction (2.5% + 10 cents with Retail Plus plan)
  • Online transactions or invoices without a card on file: 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction
  • Manually keyed transactions or card-on-file invoices: 3.5% + 15 cents per transaction

✔ Contract requirement: Month-to-month or annual contract

square POS

Why we highly recommend Square POS with QuickBooks integration:

Square is a popular credit card processing POS system that stands out among its competitors. The Square app is not only free but also compatible with many operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, and tablets.

What sets Square apart from other systems is its flat-rate pricing model, which applies to all types of cards, whether it’s credit, debit, corporate, or even rewards cards.

Regarding pricing, Square takes a unique approach. They allow customers to flexibly create a custom plan to their specific business needs or opt for one of their convenient addon options.

For instance, businesses looking to streamline payroll operations can set up a system for a flat rate. This can be $29 for the basic plan (but only for Square POS Plus and Square Appointments Plus), or $60 for the plus plan (recommended for Restaurant Plus and Retail Plus plans), plus $5 per employee.

Meanwhile, businesses looking to build customer loyalty programs can invest around $45 monthly in the addon option.

✔ Highlight features:

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Process chip cards in 4.2 seconds
  • Robust inventory tracking control
  • Comply with PCI requirements and securely store data using tokenization
  • Integrate with 3rd-party apps and eCommerce solutions
  • Sell products, collect payments and manage orders with an all-in-one website builder
  • Streamline employee activity with time cards, scheduling tools, and payroll management features
  • Flexible online booking system and billing options to improve customer service
Free plan available with a lot of functionalities
Not available for Windows devices
No account maintenance fees
Risk for small businesses due to 20-30% fund withholding
User-friendly interface
Costly addon services
Free plan with a lot of functionalities
Limited features compared to other POS options
Support multiple payment processors
Expensive for larger businesses
Mobile-friendly — works with both iOS and Android
Extra payment for 24/7 support
Easy to set up and use

TouchBistro: Top local POS for restaurants

✔ Pricing: Starting at $69/month

✔ Payment processing fees of TouchBistro: If you decide to use TouchBistro Payments, pricing will be based on a quote.

✔ Contract requirement: Month-to-month contract


Why we recommend TouchBistro:

TouchBistro is specially designed for restaurants that offers many features to manage your menu, staff, payments, and orders. The system is optimized for iPads and can work online and offline, making it a versatile solution for all restaurants.

Moreover, TouchBistro’s hybrid POS system offers the convenience of cloud functionality, including remote access to reporting, even if you are still functioning offline.

To integrate with QuickBooks, you can use either MarginEdge or Shogo. Shogo costs $30 per month for a single location, while MarginEdge costs $300 per month per location. MarginEdge includes additional restaurant management features, such as inventory tracking, recipe development, and automated invoice processing.

✔ Highlight features:

  • Manage seating and tables with drag-and-drop features
  • Track ingredient-level inventory to avoid running out of popular menu items
  • Create customer accounts to record preferences and purchases
  • Use the built-in time clock and scheduling feature to track employees’ schedules
  • Access data and run reports from anywhere with cloud storage
  • Integrate with popular apps for accounting, payment processing, and inventory management
Offer excellent offline mode for uninterrupted service
Integration comes with a cost
Seamless integration with 3rd-party apps for customized workflows
Subscription cancellations must be requested at least 30 days in advance due to automatic contract renewal
Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Require a 3rd-party platform to integrate with QuickBooks
Robust reporting features for business performance analysis
Additional add-ons can increase the overall cost
Include an excellent waitlist and reservation system
24/7 support via phone, chat, and email offered with all plans
Easy to set up and use

Vend (by Lightspeed): The best POS system for retail

✔ Pricing: Starting at $139/month

✔ Payment processing fees of Vend: Vend doesn’t have their own payment processing service, but their parent company Lightspeed does offer:

  • In-person transactions: 2.6% plus 10 cents
  • Manually keyed transactions: 2.6% plus 30 cents

✔ Contract requirement: Month-to-month or annual contract

vend POS by LightSpeed

Why we recommend Vend as one of the 7 best POS for QuickBooks Online:

While Vend may be pricier than other options, it’s a great choice for established retail businesses needing advanced features. Vend POS systems can work offline, manage layaways, and track inventory in-depth. It’s also compatible with both iPads and PCs, making it versatile for any business setting.

To integrate Vend with QuickBooks Online, you need a subscription to Vend’s Standard plan or higher, which costs $119 per month (billed yearly). Once set up, Vend can automatically transfer payment counts, sales data, purchase orders, cost of goods sold, and more directly to QuickBooks Online.

✔ Highlight features:

  • Manages inventory online with integrated reordering and tracking
  • Provides customer service tools, such as marketing, invoicing, and loyalty programs
  • Integrates payments to speed up checkouts and reduce errors
  • Enhances security measures to protect user data and prevent breaches
  • Manages employees with features like user accounts and performance tracking
24/7 customer support for all plans
Require third-party payment processing options
Robust inventory management
Paid POS software with no free version
Cross-platform compatibility
Only compatible with iPad
Multi-store and reporting tools
Not recommended for restaurants or service-based businesses
Accounting integration is not available in all plans
Advanced analytics only available in the $199+ plans

What’s the best POS system to use with Quickbooks?

We know that discovering the perfect QuickBooks POS integration for your business is no easy feat. With a range of factors to consider, such as industry, budget, and POS features beyond QuickBooks compatibility, the right choice can vary widely.

For example, Square may be the ideal fit for smaller, cost-conscious retail businesses. In contrast, larger retail stores might opt for a more sophisticated retail POS like Magestore, Revel or Vend.

When it comes to the restaurant industry, Clover may be the go-to choice for a mom-and-pop establishment, whereas TouchBistro may be more suited for a bigger eatery.

best POS system for Quickbooks

Hardware preferences are also a crucial factor to consider, with Vend and Magestore being the QB-compatible options for Android, iOS, desktop, and PC registers.

> Read more: Our comprehensive guide to choosing the best POS system can help steer you in the right direction.

Besides, you should pay attention to which QuickBooks version(s) the POS system integrates with, as well as how the integration is accomplished. Here’re some self-check questions for your reference:

  • Will you switch QB Desktop to QB Online and then integrate it with the POS system? Or will you integrate your Desktop version with the POS the right way?
  • Will you have to pay extra for the service that links the two programs?

FYI: QuickBooks Online has a higher upfront cost but offers greater flexibility and accessibility.

In contrast, QuickBooks Desktop may have a lower upfront cost, but consider its lack of mobility and manual updates, which could end up costing you more time and money in the long run.

By answering these questions, you can rest assured to make a well-informed decision when selecting a POS system that integrates with QuickBooks.

If you want to learn more about how the Magestore POS system can benefit your business, book a demo with us today. We would love to hear from you! Thank you for reading.


Can I connect a POS system to QuickBooks?

YES, you can!

Regardless of your business type, you can choose a POS system that is compatible with QuickBooks to synchronize your sales data and simplify your workflow.

How do I choose a good POS system for QuickBooks?

Here are some steps to help you choose the best POS system for your business:

  • Determine your needs
  • Research POS systems
  • Consider your budget
  • Compare features and pricing
  • Read reviews
  • Check for ease of use
  • Request a demo or free trial

What is the best POS system to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop?

There’s no so-called one-size-fits-all solution. However, several POS systems offer seamless integration with QuickBooks Desktop. They are popular choices among businesses, including:

  • Magestore POS
  • Shopify POS
  • Revel POS
  • Square POS
  • TouchBistro POS
  • Vend POS
  • Clover POS

We’re having a lot of problems with data connectivity when using two different systems. For us, it’s important to have a unified customer view between our website and brick-and-mortar. That was a problem that we never really had a good solution to. But now, Magestore POS is the best solution to that.

MatthieuStore Owner of Upper Limits

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