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Magestore Product Video

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Discover the whole POS solution in a 2-minute video to see what Magestore can do for your retail business.

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Product: Magestore POS

Get an overview of Magestore POS – the best point-of-sale solution for selling in-store with all data synced from your Magento website. Manage multiple locations & warehouses effortlessly.

Product: Magestore RMS

Magestore Retail Management System for Magento is a solution to streamline online and offline store operations with advanced modules for enterprises.

Feature: Barcode Reader

Magestore POS works with most common USB and Bluetooth connected barcode readers. Learn how to utilize a barcode reader on Magestore POS to help your customers quicker and more efficiently.

Feature: Online & Offline Mode

Learn about the different synchronization options Magestore POS offers you. How to set them up and adjust, as well as checking their status.

Feature: Payment Gateway

See how easy it is to check out & refund any orders with online payment gateways on Magestore POS. This video uses Stripe, one of our standard integrated payment gateway, as an example.

Feature: Click & Collect

Get more sales by letting your customers order online and pick up in your stores. Turn on this feature with ease in Magestore POS.

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