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Cannabis enterprise achieves operational excellence and expands with Magestore solution and service

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Trulieve’s challenges

Trulieve faced several challenges in their quest to provide seamless omnichannel experiences and manage their high daily transaction volumes. They needed a highly-customized point of sale (POS) system that integrated with their Magento webstore and ERP system. The POS solution needed to be capable of handling 70,000–80,000 orders per day without any disruptions. Additionally, they needed a system that supported their unique in-store processes, including backorder processing, online delivery, and pick-up orders.

Trulieve POS challenges

The industry

The cannabis industry has experienced significant growth and transformation in recent years, with increasing legalization and acceptance of cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use. This evolving market presents unique challenges for organizations operating in the cannabis retail sector. Companies need to navigate complex regulations, manage high transaction volumes, provide seamless omnichannel experiences, and ensure efficient inventory management.

The brand

Trulieve, one of the world’s largest cannabis retailers, is based in Florida and has ambitious plans for national expansion. They manufacture a range of products, including therapeutic and herbal medicines, natural cosmetics, and products for animals. With 60 current locations in 2018 and an additional 70 planned within the following year, Trulieve has established itself as a key player in the industry. To support their operations, they utilized SAP S/4HANA as their ERP system and Magento (or Adobe Commerce) for their webstore.

The importance of a customizable and scalable solution

In the rapidly growing cannabis retail industry, addressing these challenges was crucial for Trulieve’s success. With a significant number of transactions and a focus on customer satisfaction, a robust and efficient POS system was essential. Trulieve needed a solution that would streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, improve inventory management, and ensure compliance with state regulations.

Trulieve importance of a customizable scalable POS solution

The solution

Magestore provided Trulieve with a comprehensive and scalable solution that met their specific requirements. The customized Magestore POS system seamlessly integrated with Trulieve’s Magento webstore, enabling a unified omnichannel experience for customers. The POS software was designed and tested to handle Trulieve’s high transaction volumes efficiently, ensuring a smooth checkout process for both in-store and online orders.

Services provided

  • Solution consultation and roadmap planning
  • POS customization and integration
  • Go-live planning and execution
  • Capacity testing and performance optimization

Technology utilized

  • Magento Commerce
  • Product Shelf Life Extension by Scommerce
  • Special Promotions Pro by Amasty
  • Reward Points Extension by Mageplaza
  • Payment solution by Dejavoo and CanPay

Key POS solution features

1. Seamless integration

The Magestore POS system seamlessly integrated with Trulieve’s Magento webstore, ensuring real-time synchronization of data across all sales channels.

2. Efficient order management

The POS system enabled Trulieve to manage different order types, such as retail orders, pick-up orders, and delivery orders. Orders were sorted by time range, with the oldest orders displayed first, facilitating efficient fulfillment and minimizing customer wait times. Staff can refund purchases and return items to the destruction warehouse.

3. Batch management

Magestore integrated the Product Shelf Life Extension by Scommerce with the POS, enabling Trulieve to manage product batches effectively. Cashiers could scan batch codes and update batch numbers when placing orders, ensuring accurate inventory tracking and compliance with regulations.

4. Comprehensive promotions management

The POS system integrated with Amasty’s Special Promotions Pro and Mageplaza’s Reward Points Extension, providing Trulieve with advanced promotional capabilities. Cashiers could apply various types of discounts based on customer discount classes, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

5. Compliance with regulations

The system could check and limit customer orders based on daily state-set limits for each category, such as 5 grams concentrates or 500mgs edibles. It also connected with Florida Medical Database to validate patient purchasing amounts and deduct prescription quantities. Cashiers could add remarks to customers’ accounts and easily look up customers by Medical ID and Driver’s License.

Transparent and agile POS implementation process for Trulieve by Magestore

Implementation process

Magestore collaborated closely with Trulieve’s internal IT department, the ERP system provider, and an external deployment team to ensure a successful implementation. Regular progress meetings were held to update the project’s progress and timeline. Magestore’s Delivery and Product teams worked in tandem, providing consultation, support, and expertise throughout the implementation process.

To ensure a successful deployment, Magestore followed industry best practices and employed proven methodologies. They conducted a thorough analysis of Trulieve’s requirements and challenges, designing a customized solution that met their specific needs. Magestore’s team meticulously planned the integration of the POS system with Trulieve’s existing infrastructure, ensuring seamless data flow and synchronization. Rigorous testing and quality assurance processes were implemented to identify and resolve any potential issues prior to go-live.


Since implementing the POS solution provided by Magestore, Trulieve has experienced significant expansion and growth in their operations. These achievements highlight Trulieve’s success in expanding its retail presence, handling increased order volumes, and improving inventory management since the implementation of the Magestore POS solution.

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1. Thousands of dollars saved on store expansion

Trulieve has successfully expanded its physical store presence, now operating in a network of 184 stores. This demonstrates the scalability of the Magestore POS solution. In addition, by choosing Magestore, Trulieve can add new POS registers and users without any extra cost, saving them thousands of dollars on operational costs.

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2. Increased daily orders

The Magestore POS system has enabled Trulieve to efficiently handle a high volume of daily orders. Trulieve now processes approximately 60,000 to 70,000 orders per day without any interruptions, showcasing the system’s robustness and ability to support their rapid growth.

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3. Enhanced revenue

With accurate stock levels and streamlined operations, their revenue reached an impressive $1.2 billion in 2022.


Magestore’s comprehensive and highly-customized POS solution has empowered Trulieve to overcome the challenges inherent in the cannabis retail industry. By seamlessly integrating with their webstore and ecosystem, Magestore POS system has streamlined Trulieve’s operations and helped the company position themselves as a leader in the cannabis retail market.

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