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Smarter product management with powerful Magento Barcode

A useful assistant to speed up your inventory operations. Get more tasks accurately done in a shorter time with fewer people involved.

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Proud to be an

10 years of experience in inventory management

10+ years of Magento experience

Speed up checkout and get better in-store customer experiences

scan barcode to add items to cart
A barcode includes product attributes
Shopping cart shows items scanned

Stop searching and adding items manually

Your barcode system holds product attributes like SKU, prices, and stock availability. All you need to do is scanning the barcode label to ring up correct items in cart in seconds. This gives your staff more time on selling and customer care.

We are scanning at 110 items in 30 seconds, it might even be able to scan faster if we had a faster scanner.

Greg Penno, Store Owner of Mr. Pet'sPet products | Canada

Turn inventory control into a breeze

One essential piece of Magestore inventory system to improves your stock efficiency

  • Integrates with multiple features including inventory transfer, inventory adjustment, stocktake, and purchase management. You can scan the barcode to track items. Eliminate human errors and ensure stock accuracy.
  • Works well with different kinds of barcode scanners. It’s easy for your staff to scan items anywhere.
magento barcode for inventory
Add items during inventory operations by scanning barcode in a box

Save cost in label designing & printing

magento barcode template
Interface to design your own barcode template

Easily design label template as you want, at any time

  • Design elements—Create a template with different options of barcode symbology and measurement unit. You can also adjust the paper dimension, margin, and font size.
  • Preview mode—See what the barcode label looks like before printing. Edit elements to fit your specific needs.

 10,000+ brands worldwide power their business with our solution

Tc-RM Case Study: Trulieve
Tc-RM customer Lichtkoning
Tc-RM customer Bivouac
Tc-RM customer devialet
Tc-RM Customer: Mr. Pet's
Tc-RM Case Study: McVape

Quickly implement barcode to your business with minimal training

No matter your experience, it’s easy to configure a barcode.

With a user-friendly interface, you can be up and running in minutes. Save time on training employees and quickly use the barcode in sales or inventory operations.

I'd recommend Magestore POS because of its ease of use and customization. Also, a continuous support has been a great thing about Magestore.

Luca KunzeGermany

 All key features

  • Configure custom barcode label
  • Generate barcodes with flexible options
  • Import unlimited barcodes in mass
  • Manage barcode listing from one view
  • Print barcodes easily on page
  • Get product info via barcode scanning
  • Record barcode generated history
  • Set up barcode parterns & attribute

Get tailored barcode management for your specific business needs

Have a unique barcode management requirement? Don’t worry! Our expert team will give you consultation and turn it into the reality.

How merchants love our software

Being a product that saves a lot of time, saves us a lot of money. On the whole the experience has been very good. The product is nice and easy. It’s not confusing to use. I’d recommend Magestore through its ease of use and the product is what it says it is.

Simon, Owner of Ministry of BassHobbies & Toys | Australia

If you like the Magento platform, this is the POS for you. Having one database that streams down on PWA to all tills is genius, most companies have it backward. Incredibly fast and super easy to understand and can customize any function you desire.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada | 5 years of engagement

Magestore's gone above and beyond time and time again, to ensure that their product is dependable, reliable, and cutting-edge. They have always been true to their word, very responsive, and caring. It feels more like a partnership.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | US | 4 years of engagement

We considered many providers, but in the end, we chose Magestore because Magestore has more advantages. We saved a lot of hours using the new POS system because it’s very fast and it feels safe.

Marco Baratella, COO of Swiss Shooting GroupSporting & Outdoor | Switzerland | 3 years of engagement

From the start of the project they were highly professional, nothing was any major issue. Had some additional custom work done for our business, this was also done very slick and professional from start to finish. 100% highly recommended.

Nick Hunter, Director of McVapeUKE-cigarettes | UK | 6 years of engagement

It’s brilliant to see that it’s possible to have what we want without breaking our finances. Magestore knows how to deliver things that we have in mind and we’re impressed with the quality and time that we receive. The Magestore team is very competent in what they do.

Matheus Santos, Owner of Top ShoesFootwear | Colombia | 2 years of engagement

We decided to go with Magestore because we wanted a system that would integrate with Magento, where we would have the sales in one spot rather than two systems. Magestore POS would help to start with and then grow into what we need.

Marilena Rudd, Co Founder of HoohaaDesignWeb Agency | United Kingdom

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