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Magento 2 POS System

Create and checkout orders in less than 1 minute. Sell from anywhere on any device. Serve customers online or in-store with the best Web POS for Magento.

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The retail world is turning to omnichannel for a seamless shopping experience. However, delivering an omnichannel experience is no easy feat. Do you have a separate Magento eCommerce site and an in-store Point of Sale system? It’s time to integrate your eCommerce site and POS. Here are Magestore five tips for Magento and POS integration. Check it out below!

1. The goal is to centralize all data.

The main objective of Magento POS integration should be to keep all data in one place. From there you can access and update orders, purchases, or customer data. Save time and cost with a centralized database.

2. Your POS is the secret to a good customer experience

The in-store experience is something that cannot be replicated with online shopping. As a result, retailers who deliver excellent brick-and-mortar journeys will continue to thrive in the digital age. Take fast checkout, many payment methods, integrated loyalty programs, or special discounts as examples.

3. Create a system your staff would appreciate

What about those people behind the counter and in your warehouse? A well-integrated system will also be time and cost-saving for your staff. Think of this stakeholder group when you consider Magento POS integration.

4. Your vision for your business matters.

It’s important to choose a Magento POS integration solution that grows with your business. Imagine what your company will look like in six months, one year, or five. Think of all the possible functions when expanding, such as order fulfillment.

5. Don’t hesitate to research new solutions

If you think your current Magento or POS is not working out, don’t be afraid to shake things up! New can be challenging and time-consuming, but a good system is worth the effort.

Have you had a customer who asked: “Can I buy online and pick it up from your store?”

With Magestore’s Magento POS solution, you can answer “Yes” to your customer with confidence.

Our complete retail solution can help you delight customers with a seamless experience and gives business owners more free time to enjoy life.

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Trusted by 10,000 retailers around the world.

Regardless of verticals and regions, retailers need a way to connect their eCommerce site and physical store. Our solution creates a centralized database for orders, inventory, and customers. With Magento POS integration, retailers can sell on different channels and manage them all in one place.


Greg Penno, the owner of Mr. Pet’s, was looking for a POS system to maximize efficiency and provide their customers with the best experience. With Magestore POS, he can tell the world what products Mr.Pet’s have at each store.

I look like a hero to my staff now that Magestore fixed our speed problem. I think they had some doubt at times, but I was able to show them I can lead them through fire and we survive.

Greg Penno

There are many Magento POS integration providers. Why Magestore?

Saving Money

Magestore was founded in 2009, right after Magento was launched. From the beginning, we wanted to provide innovative Magento extensions and excellent customer service.

After more than eight years of working on extensions, we decided it’s time to reflect and change the way we help our customers grow their businesses.

There were many Magento extensions on the market, and there was a need to make them talk to one another. As a result, we switched our focus to providing a complete retail POS solution.

We understood what it meant to integrate Magento, POS, inventory, and all parts of your business. Different features of our solution now work together to automate your online-to-offline business.

Also, we offer an open-source system that is fully customizable. This makes our solution adaptive to different business needs. This is one of the reasons why Mr.Pet’s chose us.

Already we can do many more things than we were able to do in the past with our previous software. I love that we own the product and no one can take a feature away from us to change it in a way we do not like.

– Greg

Best Retail POS System

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  • Sell online or in your physical stores seamlessly with real-time data synchronization.
  • Sell everywhere from one platform with iPad or Android tablet, even without accessing Magento backend (PWA).
  • All data stay safely on your side, and your POS doesn’t have to rely on third-party servers to work.

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