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Maximize your business uptime with system operation service

Operation service that helps your system stay stable, sustainable, and cost-effective. Small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy peace of mind and more time to generate sales.

End-to-end service that keeps your store running at optimal efficiency and eliminates IT hassles

Magento system operation service by Magestore

Maintain top system performance and minimize downtime

Maintaining a system is more than just setting it up and forgetting it. Our technical experts will monitor your server and Magento site daily and weekly, so your system is up-to-date, secured, and works smoothly.

We also provide regular consultations to enhance the system before any peak time. Your online and offline business will continue to perform according to your expectations.

Get peace of mind. Save time for selling

We provide all-in-one store maintenance that covers all major factors of your operations. You don’t need to contact multiple providers to get the problem solved. Our dedicated team will be the only source to contact and take care of your issues.

We also support you to set up your data and train your staff at the beginning. You can launch the system without obstacles. 100% of your time is to focus on sales and deliver better customer experiences.

The service is excellent and efficient. They know their stuff. They are honest and transparent. They go the extra mile to help you succeed. We cannot ask for more! Makes our lives easier.

Lise King, Store owner of King's Framing and Art GalleryToys and hobby | Canada
Magento maintenance service by Magestore

List of offers included in our system operation service

It’s never easy to balance between continuously improving your business and keeping the technology running smoothly. To apply your business plan, you need a partner as the single source of truth to provide support for all aspects of system operation.

Let us take care of your server and free your mind from the trouble of infrastructure monitoring

  • Actively register and manage hosting package from the provider
  • Configure and manage infrastructure resources such as network, storage, and DNS
  • Install and update the latest patches of middleware as well as services such as PHP, MySQL, ElasticSearch, and beyond
  • Proactive technical troubleshooting. Directly contact and cooperate with the hosting provider to control issues within the infrastructure.
  • Store database or backups daily or weekly. Restore in emergencies.
  • Provide and track accounts of any developers added by the business owner

We take the responsibilities of maintaining your Magento system, so you don’t have to worry about it

  • Install a fresh Magento core
  • Transfer or clone Magento system from other hosting or server
  • Resolve issues within the system. Directly contact and cooperate with Magento if necessary.
  • Upgrade minor mirror versions from Magento
  • Daily Monitor system health every day to make sure everything is smooth. Give you instant suggestions if we detect having any bottlenecks are detected.
  • Manage source and version release. Keep synchronization between your staging site and live site.

No headache anymore, since we take care of the problem within your third-party modules.

  • Diagnose issues and update the patches. Fix issues or find workarounds if any emergency conflicts stop your site.
  • Directly contact and co-ordinate with the extension providers to solve the issue

(*) Any changes to the business flow and technical process of third-party modules will be considered as customization service. An additional fee is required.

Onboard new system with ease. We’ll help you configure master data on Magento and train your staff to get the most out of Magestore POS right from the start.

  • Import or export product data
  • Adjust other master data such as categories, product attributes, and customer attributes
  • Change Magento configuration on demand
  • Guide you through using Magento features to adapt to your business needs
  • Analyze and consult to utilize suitable 3rd-party extensions if necessary

We guarantee you always have a reliable working system to run your business.

Reach us when you need support or help with the system operation:

  • Business working hours: 09:00–17:00 (UTC+7) on Vietnamese working days. (exclude Vietnamese holidays)
  • First-time response: within 24 hours during business working hours
  • Support channel: instant message on Slack
(*) We may have many customers to support at the same time. Therefore, we recommend you refer to our Premium or Live Support if you need immediate responses.

Join the retail community that’s powering their businesses with us

Shane DoerksenCanada

Our site has launched now and the POS has been received very positively. Most of our staff have picked it up without any stress and minimal training. Since launch, we have had zero technical issues, zero-configuration issues, and zero training issues. It has been a complete success.

Alan ColemanUnited Kingdom

At any point where we experienced difficulties or where features were not working Magestore was quick to resolve these. Their customer service is top-notch, they really listen to what you need and do their best to provide an excellent service.

Malcolm SwanssonAustralia

I have had a few teething issues with some aspects of the program but the staff have been truly fantastic in their responses and have made life so much easier for me especially when things have been time-critical. I can't but thank them enough for all their help and support.

Stuart DawSingapore

They are always responsive to our questions and have been supportive in helping us fix any bugs and we are now in a position where the POS is working well and is reliable. It is great having Magestore’s POS and our website based in one place and it has allowed us to streamline a lot of processes such as managing inventory.

PatrickUnited States

Our business has worked with Magestore for over 3 years building custom solutions for our online retail operation. They have been able to provide a professional level of close customer service and collaboration that, as a business, we have benefitted immensely from!


1. If we buy an extension or hosting service from other providers, which party will process the payment?

For extensions or hosting from third parties, your business will pay the providers directly. We’ll only cooperate with them to fix issues if you acquire our third-party modules maintenance or server monitoring service.

2. How much does this service cost?

The price of system operation service can vary greatly based on many factors such as number of your orders per month or which offers you want to go ahead with. To get the exact cost, please talk with our business consultant for more details.

3. Can we purchase one of the offers only?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend using the whole service to get instant technical support without contacting multiple sides and have more time for other important non-IT tasks.

4. Does the Magento core maintenance include data migration?

Data migration isn’t included in the operating system service. For this requirement, we offer you our customization service.

Technology makes your life better, not worse

Are you a business with no in-house IT expertise or have limited technical staff? Talk to our business consultant to get the all-in-one service and say goodbye to IT concerns.

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