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According to the most recent report of GSMA in 2020, there are 5 billion people using smartphones, accounting for over 60% of the global population. Therefore, to widen your market, mobile apps are an efficient way to make your stores and brand name stand out in the mobile commerce competition. It can help you to reach more customers and boost your sales as customers can flexibly access your online store anytime. In this article, we’ll review the top 9 Magento mobile app builders so you can choose the right one for your business.

What is a Magento mobile app builder?

Magento mobile app builders are the ready-made solution for you to develop and customize your custom native mobile based on your online store. It’s the most flexible and easiest way to build a mobile app by:

  • Converting your Magento website into an iOS and Android app
  • Keeping all your eCommerce features and business flows
The best Magento mobile app builder can instantly turn your Magento site into mobile apps

Benefits of using Magento mobile app builders

There are 3 main advantages of using Magento mobile app builders to make your business apps:

  • Advanced features and tech stack: Ideal for non-tech savvy users and easy to use
  • High performance: Enhance overall customer experience to increase conversion rate
  • Quick build with less time to market: Convert a full-featured app from your Magento website with the littlest effort

In the next sections, we’ll compare the best 9 Magento mobile app builders in the market based on:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Pros and cons in a summarized table

Top 9 Magento mobile app builders

1. SimiCart

SimiCart’s Magento mobile app builder

SimiCart has been an expert company in the mobile field for more than a decade. They have professional Magento developers with a depth of knowledge of mobile platforms. Their phenomenal product – Simicart Magento mobile app builder – provides the most efficient way to engage mobile customers:

  • Convert your eCommerce store into an iOS or Android app easily to create more opportunities and a better mobile experience
  • Generate long-term value for your business growth


  • Provide pre-built mobile apps to support several revenue models for merchants to fit their business
  • Have 1,000+ Magento customers worldwide
  • Take client’s requirements and deliver the expected app within 24 hours


  • High-quality visual design
  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Fast and simple checkout that offers customers a quick buying journey
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-vendor store
  • SEO optimization to drive organic traffics
  • Additional marketing tools to promote your brand
  • Promotion modules such as Google app indexing, push notification, and deep links
  • Synchronize store views, languages, categories, and products from your website
  • Simple configuration


  • One-time payment
  • Undisclosed pricing plan

2. MageComp


MageComp is an active player in the Magento niche with 10+ years of experience and excels in providing its clients with services like Magento 2 eCommerce solutions, designing, and mobile app development. MageComp has come up with amazing mobile app solutions — Magento 2 Mobile App Builder that moves the entire Magento 2 store to a working mobile app instantly.


  • Convert online stores into a mobile app in just 3 steps
  • Mobile app available in iOS and Android
  • No technical skill needed


  • Voice search mechanism
  • Banner slider for more customer engagement
  • Brand slider that diverts your shoppers to their favorite brands
  • Highlight best-selling products on homepage
  • Support for all types of products
  • Push notifications about new product launches, offers & other updates
  • Log in using social media
  • Coupon code functionality
  • All sorts of shipping methods covered


  • Starting from $19

3. Bigziel

Bigziel is a Magento mobile app builder

Bigziel is a company specializing in Magento 2 mobile application development with an excellent team of knowledgeable programmers. Bigziel mobile app builder turns your Magento store into an Android or iOS mobile app completely and quickly. It set a new standard in mobile app development with excellent design and built-in features to:

  • Facilitate brand building
  • Gain the trust of customers
  • Deliver great shopping experience to increase revenue


  • 100% native app with Android and iOS
  • Eye-catching and mobile-friendly interface
  • Easy to use and scalable to grow with your business
  • Provide REST API for third-party integration
  • Have a reliable customer support team available 24/7


  • Quick launch to run Magento mobile app immediately
  • Standard features for customers such as login, view order list with account details, and add products to the cart
  • Multi-store
  • Multiple Magento payment gateways
  • Multi-language
  • Push notifications, email, and text messages
  • Product listings and categories
  • Product filter and sort
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Real-time sync
  • Marketing features inherited from Magento


  • One-time payment
  • Undisclosed pricing plan

4. AppJetty

MageMob: AppJetty’s best Magento mobile app builder

AppJetty has been developing Magento extensions for over 12 years. AppJetty Magento app builder (MageMob) can help you enter mobile commerce with many features to reach out to more customers on Magento 2.


  • Offer customers a perfect buying experience
  • Build a customized application based on specific business logic


  • Quickly launch
  • RTL (Right To Left) support
  • Easy navigation in dashboards, orders, and product listings
  • Easy checkout process
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple and customized payment gateways
  • Deep links
  • Firebase analysis
  • Order tracking
  • Language translations
  • Simple layout configuration
  • Dedicated admin dashboard


  • One-time payment ($79.00 for Professional and $199.00 for Professional+)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free lifetime updates

5. Webkul

MobiKul – Webkul’s best Magento mobile app builder

Webkul is a company that has been working in the Magento mobile app builders industry for over 10 years and has a deep understanding of it. Webkul Magento app builder (MobiKul) is one of the most popular tools to build a native iOS and Android app from your Magento 2 website.


  • Publish apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Set custom themes to suit your brand
  • Supports all product types


  • An intuitive mobile app interface
  • Optimized searching result
  • Fast browsing
  • Simplified checkout process
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Product wish list
  • Account registration
  • Customer order details and history
  • Real-time synchronization between the Magento 2 website and the mobile app including orders, customers, categories, and products
  • Easy configuration and customization
  • Default payment methods
  • Multiple languages
  • Strong UI and UX for customer retention and higher conversion


  • One-time payment
  • $299.00 for Magento Commerce
  • $598.00 for Magento Enterprise/Enterprise Cloud

6. Magetop

Magetop’s Magento mobile app builder

Magetop’s Magento mobile app builder converts your Magento shop into Android and iOS Mobile apps to build trust with your customers and boost your mobile sales. It’s a scalable mobile app solution according to your business expansion and has various custom themes by default.


  • Have faster loading speed than Magento websites
  • Provide REST API to connect with Magneto store
  • Configure the app from the Magento backend after installing the connector


  • Easy checkout procedure
  • Multiple payment methods support
  • Multiple languages support
  • Magento payment gateways integration
  • Layer navigation
  • Interactive homepage
  • Push notifications, emails, and text messages
  • Detailed view of customer’s order history and account information
  • Product wishlist


  • One-time payment
  • $299.00 for Magento Open Source edition
  • $398.00 for Commerce edition

7. Mofluid

Mofluid’s Magento mobile app builder

Starting from a simple idea, Mofluid was established to take any business from eCommerce to m-commerce with minimal effort and shortest time. Mofluid Magento app builder has higher performance than other competitors in the market.


  • Fast loading speed to attract more customers
  • Have a customer support team available 24/7 for immediate response
  • Delivers an excellent user interface to attract more new customers
  • Support Android and iOS operating system
  • Provide several custom themes


  • Delivery tracking for customers through push notification
  • Integrate with the most common payment gateways by default such as Paypal and EBS


  • One-time payment
  • Undisclosed pricing plan

8. JMango

JMango360 – Jmango’s Magento mobile app builder

JMango is a trustworthy Magento mobile app partner. You can use JMango Magento mobile app builder (JMango360) to develop your native app with a small budget and zero coding skills.


  • Make powerful and native Android and iOS apps from your Magento store within a few days
  • Improve your customer engagement and turn your first-time visitors into loyal ones
  • Suit any business type (especially cost-effective for startups)
  • Provide mobile app support and business strategic advice from the customer support team


  • High security
  • Integration with social media (logins and sharing)
  • In-built marketing tools to boost your conversion rate


  • Free

9. ArrowHiTech

ArrowHiTech’s Magento mobile app builder

ArrowHiTech is a Magento mobile app development company having professional Magento developers with a depth of knowledge of mobile platforms. ArrowHiTech Magento mobile app builder is one of the best-selling tools to transform your Magento website into mobile apps without any coding or budgets.


  • Develop your app in native Android and iOS languages
  • Improve overall customer shopping experience
  • Support all product types


  • Report and analytics to monitor business growth
  • All features inherited from your Magento site


  • One-time payment
  • Undisclosed pricing plan

Comparison table of top 9 Magento mobile app builders





  • Fast speed

  • Same server with the website

  • Multiple product management

  • Flexible catalog structure

  • Capacity to sell all types of products and product combinations

  • Easy integration with other systems

  • A great choice for non-technical merchants to update content

  • A great choice for non-technical merchants to update content

Require changing code to add more user-defined fields for customers


  • Available in 3 pricing plans

  • GraphQL API integration for improved performance

  • Easy transformation of eCommerce store to mobile app

  • Support for all types of products

  • Support for all shipping methods

Limited options to login from social media accounts


  • Good track of customer history to analyze customer’s insights

  • Well-visualized admin dashboard to overview store performance

  • Helpful built-in marketing tools

  • Capacity for a large product catalog

Complicate products management process


  • Premium modules for niche businesses

  • Good track of customer history to analyze customer’s insights

  • Good SEO management

  • Ready-made integration with multiple payment gateways

  • Slow speed (if improper server configuration)

  • Limited compatibility with devices


  • Immense and matured built-in features

  • Glide order management

  • Good access to customer data

  • Great customer service experience

  • Simple and easy integration with third-party apps

  • Difficult setup for automation Manual flushing of cache

  • Only support USPS shipping rates


  • Well-structured dashboard and analytics reports for a clear view of business performance

  • Straightforward setup

  • Little technical support

  • High cost


  • Capacity to create additional versions of the website for different client groups

  • Glide caching to improve the page loading speed

  • Complicate theme structure to get used to

  • Adjusting the frontend from the backend can be time-consuming

  • Manual caching and re-indexing


  • Great commission pricing plan

  • Capability to upload products in bulk

  • Multiple store view to run multiple stores on the same app

  • Require additional extensions to be more SEO-friendly

  • Not easy to use or maintain


  • Analytics report for a clear overview of business growth

  • Monetization integration

  • Require additional extensions to be more SEO-friendly

  • Limited compatibility with devices


Starting with Magento mobile app builders will help you to build your app instantly with no effort. We hope that you can choose a suitable option from the paid and free Magento mobile app builders in this article. However, we recommend you prepare knowledge of mobile UI/UX to decide the right design and customer experience strategy.

No mobile app builder for Magento can be suitable for every website and the migration process may entail unique change requirements. Therefore, mobile app development companies who are willing to work and directly take customer requirements like SimiCart may be a better long-term partner to accompany your business growth. It may take you time and budget but it’s worth your investment.

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  • Sell everywhere from one platform with iPad or Android tablet, even without accessing Magento backend (PWA).
  • All data stay safely on your side, and your POS doesn’t have to rely on third-party servers to work.

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