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Magento 2 POS System

Create and checkout orders in less than 1 minute. Sell from anywhere on any device. Serve customers online or in-store with the best Web POS for Magento.

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The new Retail Management Software gives your stores the flexibility to manage inventory, reorder from suppliers, and ship orders to customers without accessing the Magento backend.

Now you can execute store operation processes from any desktop or tablet device with a web browser. All data is synced across your system in real time, and you only need to maintain one Magento platform.

Learn more about retail management software on our website or schedule a personalized demo with us.

Over the last 10 years, Magestore POS has helped retailers connect their Magento website and brick-and-mortar stores seamlessly. Today, we’re helping Magento merchants run their stores more efficiently and track inventory accurately.

Reduce Magento backend workload

Retail inventory management software PWA

There are many extensions in the Magento marketplace to help retailers control their supply chain operations. However, executing inventory or fulfillment operations in the Magento backend can be quite complicated and takes a lot of time.

With Magestore’s new retail management solution, Magento merchants can manage their stores from a separate progressive web app that syncs data to Magento in real time.

A system that serves your team, not the other way around

Retail management PWA

Our solution is built on Magento, so there’s no need to hire another team to manage a separate system, saving you maintenance costs.

Once you’ve set up your roles and staff, your team only needs a URL to access the PWA. You can set up your own store management system from existing desktop and tablet devices.

Instead of logging into one Magento backend, now each store has the power and flexibility to manage operations on its own. Our easy-to-use and fast PWA will surely speed up processes and help your team focus on business instead of IT.

Control inventory efficiently

Retail management PWA: inventory count

To ensure inventory is accurate at all times, our retail management software enables your staff to track all products and inventory movement. With bin locations, you’ll always know where exactly your products are in your warehouse. You can count and adjust inventory, as well as send and receive inventory between stores.

Reduce stockout with timely replenishment

Retail management PWA: creating purchase order

Know exactly when to order products from suppliers and with whom to work. Calculate reorder quantity based on your sales history. Create purchase orders based on supply needs forecast and cut down on paperwork.

Futureproof your business with a scalable system

Magestore’s solution is customizable, so you’ll always be able to add more features to build a comprehensive system that fits your business.

Unlike other retail management systems in the market, there’s no limit on how many users or devices you can add.

Magento-native solution, dedicated to Magento merchants

At Magestore, all new features and solutions came from the business needs of actual retailers; and optimizing store operations has always been a concern for many Magento merchants we work with.

Overview 3 Magestore core products>>

Once we spotted the problem, the Magestore team started interviewing companies with more than 10 stores on how they maintained their daily operations. Talking with our customers validated the demand for an efficient and stable system that is separated from the Magento backend, while maintaining one centralized database.

Tc-RM product design process begins with customer demands

Given the success and stability of our Magento POS, we decided to keep using progressive web app technology for our new solution. This gives our customers the flexibility to set up their system on a variety of devices, and reduces the wait time that usually comes with building and maintaining a native app. This way our customers get the most out of their retail software in the shortest time.

To design a solution that addresses the business and IT challenges of Magento merchants, we first created mockups and basic prototypes to review with our customers. We made sure that our core concept and prototypes were well received by our clients—not just the business owners but also their teams.

Magestore follows the Agile mindset and values speed, flexibility, and frequent feedback. We work with our customers to prioritize the features based on business value, and present to them what we worked on every week. With this method, the Magestore team can continuously evaluate requirements, progress, and results, so we can respond to change quickly and build a product that meets market demands.

Why Magestore chooses agile for product development

To ensure our customers can use our new product right away, we designed our solution based on the valuable retail and IT knowledge of key projects. After implementing the solution for early adopters, we set up a team of retail and Magento experts to standardize the architecture and workflows, while keeping room open for unique niches. This way, we can deliver adaptable solutions based on each company’s scale and complexity.


We hope that with our new product, Magento merchants can optimize their retail operations without the need for a full-blown ERP system, or slowing down their Magento backend. Learn more about our solution and how to reduce manual work today!

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  • Sell online or in your physical stores seamlessly with real-time data synchronization.
  • Sell everywhere from one platform with iPad or Android tablet, even without accessing Magento backend (PWA).
  • All data stay safely on your side, and your POS doesn’t have to rely on third-party servers to work.

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