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Magento quote extension enables online store owners to take orders promptly and accurately for better store operation management, while offering potential customers an opportunity to negotiate prices. Besides, Magento 2 quote extensions facilitate real-time customer interaction, aiding eCommerce businesses in building relationships and retaining customers. This extension also streamlines the quoting process for customers to make faster decisions, enhances the shopping experience, and boosts sales and revenue.

This article will share more information about the 12 best Magento quote extensions that can help your online store boost sales effectively. We’ve shortlisted these extensions based on their compatibility, features, reviews, and rating. So keep reading to choose the best Magento 2 quote for your online businesses.  

Key takeaways



Pricing plan


Free Request for Quote

FME Extension


5.0* website rating (8 reviews)

Magento 2 Email Quote


  • Community: $79

  • Enterprise: $229

  • Magento Cloud: $229

5.0* website rating (10 reviews)

Magento 2 Request for Quote

BSS Commerce

  • Community: from $199

  • Enterprise: from $349

4.85* website rating (11 reviews)

Request a Quote


  • Community: $349

  • Enterprise: $649

  • Magento Cloud: $949

4.3* on Trustpilot

Request a Quote for Magento 2


  • Standard: $249

  • Enterprise: $449

5.0* website rating (6 reviews)

B2B Cart to Quote for Magento 2


  • Community: $254 for the first payment

  • Commerce: $509 for the first payment

5.0* website rating (7 reviews)

Email Quote Extension


  • Community: $49

  • Commerce (EE and ECE): $149

5.0* website rating (20 reviews)

Request for Quote M2


  • Community: $75

  • Enterprise: $225

5.0* on Magento Marketplace

Magento 2 Quote System


  • Community: $99

  • Enterprise: $198

5.0* website rating (9 reviews)

Magento 2 Request Quote Extension


  • Community: $99

  • Enterprise: $149

5.0* website rating (6 reviews)

Quotation Manager for Magento 2


  • Community: $199

  • Enterprise: $398

5.0* website rating (24 reviews)

Request for Quote


  • Community: $49

  • Enterprise: $199

4.67* website rating (12 reviews)

Key features of a Magento 2 quote module

Magento 2 quote is a B2B module in Magento 2 that allows authorized buyers to start pricing negotiations. In addition, the Magento 2 quotes can submit a request from a shopping cart to discuss the price. Although the quote modules of Magento 2 have more features than Magento 1, selecting the right Magento 2 quote extension is crucial for improving customer experience and driving sales.

There are many options on the market with their features and benefits. Thus, when reviewing a Magento quote module, business owners should examine its functions and integration before making decisions:

  • Quote management and creation: Add and remove items from a quote to order and edit the quantity and pricing of items.
  • Pricing rules customization: Flexibly offer discounts or special pricing to specific customers or groups of customers.
  • Quote expiration: Set the expiration dates for quotes to ensure that quotes are only valid for a certain period and inform customers of no-longer available pricing. 
  • Quote approval workflow: Review and approve quotes before they’re converted into orders.

Integration: Integrate perfectly with other modules, such as checkout or order management module, to ensure a seamless and efficient data flow between different parts in your retail system.   

How to choose a Magento quote extension?

Besides the key features, it’s essential to consider several factors to select the best Magento 2 quote for your business needs. Here are some criteria: 

  • Compatibility: Ensure the Magento 2 quotation extension is compatible with the Magento version and other extensions you’re using.
  • Features: Look for the Magento quotes that offer necessary features discussed above and integrate them with other modules.
  • User-friendliness: Select a Magento 2 quotation extension that’s easy for you and your customers to use.
  • Customization: Choose a Magento quote that allows you to customize the look and feel of the quote request form to match the branding and design of your site.
  • Reviews and ratings: Read reviews and ratings of the quote extension from other users to understand its performance and reliability.
  • Price: Consider the cost of the quote extension and how it fits into your budget.

Top 12 best Magento quote extensions

Here are the top 12 Magento quote extensions that can help your businesses grow and increase revenue:

1. Free Request for Quote from FME Extensions

Request for Quote FME

Request for quotation (RFQ) is a professional and free Magento 2 request and quote extension from FME that allows businesses to provide their clients with a quote-based pricing system. FME’s Magento quote plugin facilitates the request for quote method on your online store with an automated RFQ form. 

This extension includes simple entry fields to help clients fill out their data and submit bids for an exact quote. Customers can upload files and receive notifications when submitting RFQs. This B2B Magento 2 extension is simple to install and configure, making it an excellent choice for companies of all sizes.

Key features:

  • Offer a request for quote form so that your customers can simply fill out their information and ask for a quote
  • Allow file upload to gather customer information. You can limit the available field types based on your preferences.
  • Send email notifications for admin and customers each time a request for a quote is submitted.
  • Provide customizable quote forms and quote approval workflows to meet the need of store owners




  • Community: 2.1.x – 2.3.x
  • Enterprise: 2.1.x – 2.3.x  

2. Magento 2 Email Quote by Meetanshi

Magento 2 Email Quote by Meetanshi

Meetanshi’s Email Quote extension for Magento 2 simplifies the order quotation process. The customers can quickly submit a price quote request to the admin via email along with their cart details. It offers a separate price quotes grid in the backend to manage the requests and send quotations.

One distinct feature of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Email Quote extension is that you can only enable it for specific customer groups. This can be useful for sellers looking to implement B2B price quotation functionality in their stores.

Key features:

  • Option to customize the Request a Quote button
  • Send automated acknowledgement mails to customers
  • Supports customer group-specific functionalities


  • Magento Open Source: $79.00
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud/On Prem: $229


  • Community: 2.3.x – 2.4.x
  • Enterprise: 2.3.x – 2.4.x 

3. Magento 2 Request for Quote from BSS Commerce

magento 2 request a quote extension free

This quote extension for Magento 2 from BSS Commerce helps merchants satisfy B2B clients by allowing them to negotiate the product price. For both B2B merchants and clients, this module simplifies the wholesale bargaining process. It also assists in speeding up the quote request and management process. 

Furthermore, this extension allows store owners to enable the “Add to Quote” button on the product, category, search, wish list, comparison, and CMS widget pages, making quotation management easy for store owners and customers.

Key features:

  • Allow particular B2B customer groups to use “Add to quote”
  • Support “Add to quote” for a single product, a group of products, or a particular category
  • Create a minimum quote amount for a certain customer group
  • Enable customers to make changes to all submitted quote requests via email or “My quote”
  • Allow customers to resubmit their quotation if necessary 


  • Basic quote: $199 for Community, $349 for Enterprise
  • Advanced quote: $223 for Community, $463 for Enterprise
  • Elite quote: $476 for Community, $1,076 for Enterprise


  • Community: 2.3.x – 2.4.x
  • Enterprise: 2.3.x – 2.4.x  

4. Request a Quote from Amasty

amasty magento 2 delete request

Request a Quote for Magento 2 by Amasty is a solution for businesses to communicate with B2B and B2C clients through quotations. It’s a method of increasing personalized experience by analyzing client preferences and providing customized benefits in the form of lower-priced products. 

This Magento quote allows buyers to conveniently negotiate prices and generate estimates with a single click from any web page. In addition, this extension also enables store owners to quickly customize the offer based on the customer’s kind or order size, motivating them to place more orders. 

Key features:

  • Allow customers to generate quotes from any page
  • Automatically approve quotes with particular offers
  • Allow guests to add products to their quotes
  • Hide pricing for a certain product and client group
  • Easily convert quote to order with one click


  • License: 
    • Basic plan:
      • Community: $349
      • Enterprise: $649
      • Magento Cloud: $949
    • Pro plan: 
      • Community: $399
      • Enterprise: $699
      • Magento Cloud: $999
  • Updates and support prolongation:
    • Community: $215
    • Enterprise: $395
    • Magento Cloud: $575


2.4.6, 2.4.5-p2, 2.4.4-p3, 2.3.7-p4

5. Request a Quote for Magento 2 from Mageplaza

Request a Quote for Magento 2 from Mageplaza

By using Request a Quote from Mageplaza, you can let your customers request a product or whole cart quote with negotiation rates. After reviewing the request, you can approve, cancel, or discuss with your customers to adjust the quotations. Therefore, both of you can agree on a price that boosts purchases and decreases cart abandonment.

Key features:

  • Allow customers to easily suggest their ideal prices for multiple items at one time
  • Let customers add items to the shopping carts and send the quotes later
  • Enable customers to easily generate a price quote because the “Quote button” is available on multiple pages of the store’s website
  • Offer bulk quote requests based on SKUs
  • Store admin can easily approve or reject a quote with a simple click.
  • Provide a mutual response around a quote


  • Standard: $249 first year
  • Enterprise: $449 first year


  • CE, EE, B2B, Cloud, Adobe Commerce 2.2.x – 2.4.x

6. B2B Cart to Quote for Magento 2 from Aheadworks

B2B Cart to Quote for Magento 2

The Request a Quote Extension for Magento 2 by Amasty is a powerful tool that allows businesses to interact with their customers through a quotation system. Using this plugin, companies can provide a more personalized experience for their customers by understanding their specific demands and offering them tailored benefits such as lower-priced products. This empowers businesses to build stronger relationships and increase customer satisfaction. 

Furthermore, the quotation system allows companies to negotiate and finalize deals with their customers, enabling them to create customized pricing structures that suit both parties. Businesses can improve their sales process and enhance their overall eCommerce performance by leveraging the Request a Quote extension.  

Key features:

  • Allow consumers to generate quotes from any page
  • Automatically approve quotes with specific offers 
  • Allow guests to add products to their quotes
  • Hide the pricing for a certain product and client group
  • Easily convert quote to order with one click


  • Open Source:
    • License fee (first payment): $254
    • Subscription fee (regular payment): $14.99/month or $149.99/year
  • Commerce:
    • License fee (first payment): $509
    • Subscription fee (regular payment): $29.99/month or $299.99/year


  • Open Source: 2.4.4 – 2.4.5
  • Commerce: 2.4.4 – 2.4.5

7. Email Quote Extension from MageComp

Email Quote Extension from MageComp

Magento 2 Email Quote Extension by MageComp simplifies the purchasing process by allowing customers to email their shopping carts directly to the store admin. This request for quote email extension provides a comprehensive overview of the products, quantities, and pricing preferences, helping the store owners learn about the customer’s needs and provide personalized assistance. Admin can quickly respond to the quote request with customized pricing and options, leading to a more efficient sales process. This extension enhances the customer experience and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key features:

  • Make an order or send an email about order quotation from the backend to customers
  • Set the label for the Email Quote button on the front end
  • Set an email ID and template to incorporate the customer’s basket 
  • Allow customers to send an email quote to the admin with the product options they want
  • Admin can use a coupon code while making a quote from the backend.


  • License:
    • Community: $49
    • Commerce: $198
  • Installation services:
    • Professional installation: $29
    • Installation and setup: $49


2.1 – 2.4

8. Request for Quote M2 from Milope

magento quote system

Magento 2 Request for Quote Extension by Milople allows buyers to submit product inquiries, providing businesses with valuable insights into their customers’ needs and preferences. This personalized approach can increase customer retention and loyalty. Admin can quickly respond to inquiries with a customized quote, enhancing the customer experience, and building trust. This extension improves the overall customer relationship and satisfaction.

Key features:

  • Enable customers to fill out an inquiry form with their information and requests
  • Allow store owners to define where to receive the inquiry emails of customers
  • Apply for both globally or specific products and specific client groups
  • Support multiple languages


  • Community:
    • Single license: $75
    • 2 licenses: $144 
    • 3 licenses: $194
    • 4 licenses: $238
    • 5 licenses: $273
  • Enterprise: 
    • Single license: $225
    • 2 licenses: $399 
    • 3 licenses: $524
    • 4 licenses: $599
    • 5 licenses: $623
  • Professional Installation: $49


2.2.x – 2.4.6

9. Magento 2 Quote System from Webkul

Magento 2 Quote System from Webkul

This Quote Module by Webkul allows customers to request quotes for products, making it easier to purchase items in bulk or with customized pricing. The module also enables direct communication between buyers and the store admin, improving transparency and customer satisfaction. The extension also streamlines the sales process and helps enhance the buying experience and increase sales.

Key features:

  • Enable store owners to change the quote status for any product and set the minimum quantity for product’s quotation
  • Customize email templates for each quote action, such as a new quote request, quote edit, and messages
  • Enable admin to hide “Add to cart” button from both category and product pages
  • Allow customers to apply the promotion when adding the quote product into the cart
  • Allow customers to update the quote request as a communication with store owners about quote price modifications
  • Allow both store owners and customers to contribute the photos and files to the quote request  


  • License: 
    • Community: $99
    • Enterprise (EE, ECE): $198
  • Support period (optional): 
    • 3 months: No extra cost
    • 6 months: $39.60
    • 1 year: $49.50
  • Installation fee (optional): $19.8


2.0.x – 2.4.x

10. Magento 2 Request Quote Extension from Magetop

Magetop quote manager

Magetop’s Magento 2 Request a Quote Extension is a strong solution for hiding prices and adding to cart buttons and allowing your clients to request a personalized quote for each product. If you provide goods or services for which a price label is insufficient and you want to communicate with your consumers, this quote system is the ideal answer for your Magento store.

With the Request a Quote Extension, customers can easily request a custom quote for a product by filling out a form that includes their contact information, product details, and any additional notes or requests. Besides, the Request a Quote Extension allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers to clarify any questions or concerns they may have about the product or service. 

Key features:

  • Activate or deactivate the Request for Quote
  • Allow the consumer to submit a quote for a product variant
  • Allow the administrator to handle customer quotations
  • Display or hide the add to cart button for quote-enabled products


  • License: 
    • Community: $99
    • Enterprise: $149
  • Support period (optional): 
    • 3 months: No extra cost
    • 6 months: $35
    • 1 year: $45
  • Installation fee (optional): $49


  • CE, EE 2.2.x – 2.4.x

11. Quotation Manager for Magento 2 from MageBees


M2 Quotation Extension from MageBees is a valuable tool that enables customers to request quotes directly on the eCommerce website. As an admin, you can easily manage quote requests, send customized proposals, negotiate with customers, revise quotations, and offer bulk order discounts privately. 

The extension also allows for easy negotiation and revision of quotations, enabling admins to offer the best pricing and terms to their customers. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that sell products in bulk, as it facilitates the negotiation for personalized discounts and pricing structures. 

Key features:

  • Easily manage discounts and promotional offers
  • Work for both registered clients and guests
  • Send customized email templates to customers and notify them of estimates
  • Display the original and revised pricing, including shipping and taxes
  • Set a quote expiration date and remind consumers to renew their quotes


  • License:
    • Open source: $199
    • Enterprise/Cloud: $398
  • Additional services:
    • Installation fee: $39
    • Design and configuration fee: $99
    • Installation, design, and configuration fee: $129


  • Open Source, Enterprise, Cloud: 2.0.x – 2.4.x

12. Request for Quote by Slowin

Quote Extension from Slowin

Magento 2 Request For Quote Extension from Slowin provides a simple and efficient way for customers to submit quotation requests for multiple products simultaneously. Thus, customers can negotiate prices and contact the store with just one click, giving them greater control over the buying process.

Key features:

  • Provide a completely customizable extension interface
  • Send a quote request for a specific product and negotiate a price reduction with customers
  • Allow customers to submit a file with more details to ask for quote
  • Create a Google reCaptcha field for the quotation form to prevent spam submissions
  • Set the message subject and body to respond to the customer with an auto-produced response
  • Enable customers to find the “Request for Quote” link on the product description page
  • Display the contact person’s name, email address, phone number, budget status, project title, and quote request date


  • License:
    • Community: $49
    • Enterprise: $199
  • Support services (optional):
    • 3 months: Free
    • 6 months: $29
    • 12 months: $49
  • Installation fee (optional): $29


  • CE 2.1.x – 2.4.x
  • EE 2.1.x – 2.3.x

Which Magento quote extension is the best?

Magento 2 quote extensions help eCommerce businesses improve their customer experience by simplifying the quote process and making it more efficient. Some of features that make these extensions stand out include the ability to create and manage quotes, automate the quote process, track quote process, and offer customized pricing. The best quote extension will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Thus, you should review your business model, requirements, and budget carefully to choose the best fit. We hope that this article has provided you with insightful information to shorten your search time and serve as a trustworthy resource. 


1. What is a quote item in Magento 2?

In Magento 2, a quote item is a product or service added to a customer’s shopping cart, used to calculate the total cost of order, manage inventory, and facilitate the checkout process.  

2. What is Magento 2 email quote extension?

Magento 2 email quote extension is a tool that enables businesses to send custom quotes to customers via email, providing a personalized touch to their interactions and simplifying the quote process.

3. How do I enable quotes in Magento 2?

To enable quotes in Magento 2, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel
  2. Go to Stores > Setting > Configuration > Sales
  3. Under the “Quote Settings” tab, set “Enable Quotes” to “Yes”
  4. Configure the other quote-related settings as per your business requirements
  5. Click the “Save Config” button to apply the changes

4. How do I get quote details in Magento 2?

You can get the quote details in Magento 2 by follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel
  2. Go to Sales > Quotes
  3. Find the quote you want to view and click on it to open the quote details page, where you can view data such as customer’s name, email address, quote status, quote items, and shipping and billing information.

You can also modify the quote details if necessary, such as updating the quote items, changing the shipping method, or adding discounts. Once you have reviewed and modified the quote details, you can save the changes and send it to the customer for approval.

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