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‘The Color of Wealth’: The Emotional Trade-Offs of Wealth Building

Sometimes anger is the best response to finding out you’ve been deprived of an opportunity. The steps you take from there may require research – and trade-offs. In this episode of our “Color of Wealth” series, personal finance Nerd Elizabeth Ayoola talks with Dasha Kennedy, founder of the financial advocacy group The Broke Black Girl, about how to balance emotions and building wealth. Read more

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Money News: Student Debt Cancellation at the Supreme Court

This month the Supreme Court will hear cases to decide the fate of those hoping for federal student debt cancelation. In this Money News episode of the podcast, hosts Sean Pyles and Anna Helhoski give you the rundown on those cases — including whether debt cancellation is likely to be upheld and when you might have to restart payment on your student loans. Read more

ChatGPT vs. the Nerds, and Rental Properties

Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT are making headlines — but can they be trusted to give personal finance advice? To kick off this episode, Sean Pyles and Liz Weston have ChatGPT answer some common money questions. Then Liz and regular Smart Money host Sara Rathner answer a listener’s question about how to make money from investment properties. Read more

‘The Color of Wealth’: Overcoming Structural Challenges

Black women face distinct challenges when building wealth. So what can they do about it? To kick off this new series, “The Color of Wealth,” NerdWallet writer Elizabeth Ayoola talks with Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary about what Black women and mothers can do individually to grow their wealth. Read more

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