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NerdWallet Credit Card Reviews

Check the full analysis of the pros, cons and perks of Canada's most popular credit cards in details.

Alcohol taxes are going up across Canada

Here's what the 6.3% April tax hike means for you — and how to save on liquor after it's here.

Canada’s Best Mortgage Rates

Browse customized options from Canada’s top lenders and brokers in minutes and easily select the best mortgage rate for your needs.

2023 Canadian Home Buyer Report

Between high rates and home prices, buying a home in Canada is about as challenging as it’s ever been. But the majority of Canadians still see themselves as future homeowners.

Will COVID-19 Benefit Repayments Shrink Your Tax Refund?

If you received COVID-19 benefits in 2022, they count as taxable income. If you received them mistakenly, you have to pay them back.

7 Canadian Tax Changes That Might Affect You in 2023

New federal tax brackets, a higher Basic Personal Amount and COVID benefit repayment are among this year's important tax changes.

Buying a House in 2023: 5 Things to Know

Canadians trying to buy a house in 2023 will face high prices and rates, but future buyers will finally get access to the First Home Savings Account.

Will the First Home Savings Account Help You Buy a House?

The First Home Savings Account is a savings and investment tool to help first-time buyers succeed in Canada’s challenging real estate market.

5 Things to Know if Your Mortgage Renews in 2023

Learn how rising interest rates, and the term and lender you choose, could affect costs when it's time for mortgage renewal.

6 Things That Are Free With the Right Credit Card

Many credit cards offer valuable benefits — like travel insurance and extended warranties — at no extra charge to you.

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

There’s no magic number of credit cards you should have — but spending habits, ability to pay on time and credit score will help decide.

Overpaid Credit Card? Here’s What to Do

A credit card is overpaid when the amount of cash applied to the account exceeds the balance. Overpayment happens for several reasons and isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What Credit Score is Needed for a Credit Card?

The credit score required to be approved for a credit card varies by card type and issuer, but a score of 660 or above is generally preferred.

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