NerdWallet Guide: What You Need To Rent An Apartment

Make your rental application shine. Get your free credit report and a few other important things together so you can jump when you find the perfect place.

Assemble documents ahead of time

1) Credit report

Some landlords charge a fee to run your credit (here’s what they’re looking for), so have copies of your free credit report from NerdWallet ready to go.

2) Proof of income

Recent pay stubs, bank account statements or tax returns can help prove you make enough money to afford the rent.

3) Employment history

Landlords like stable job histories, so offer a copy of your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

4) Landlord references & rental history

Save your current landlord’s contact info and a couple of your previous addresses in your phone so you’ll have them handy.

5) Personal & professional references

Ask people you trust to vouch for what a good tenant you’d be, and let your boss know you’re apartment-hunting (in case a landlord calls).

Calculate how much money you'll need

Understand how landlords compare your profile to other applicants

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